Thursday, 12 July 2012


I just had frozen pineapple blended with pineapple, orange, banana juice and now the front sides of...

I just had frozen pineapple blended with pineapple, orange, banana juice and now the front sides of my tongue feel weird and kinda have a weird burn. And my tongue kinda looks a tiny bit weird in that spot, too. It feels really weird right now when I chew my trail mix. I’ve had sort of weird problems like this using pineapple before. But I can eat pineapple just fine. Like I had it on salad yesterday. Weird.It’s 104 degrees outside and 86 in my room. My wall cooler is on and the fan on the other side of the room is on (I have a long room and only half is for my room stuff and other half is dining table with no door just a door way to the kitchen and it’s not insulated) but I feel a bit cold when the fan above me is on. Not really cold, I just don’t like the breeze I guess. I mean, it’s warm in here but I’m content… for now. It’s July. Thankfully we only live here another few weeks and then I’ll have a normal room with a nice air conditioning. Even if I had the window unit in when we move, it’d be fine in my room but I would never be able to open my window. At my grandparents’s house, they have a swamp cooler in their living room and it’s not all that bad in their house in the summer. It’s just not 65 degrees, which is fine. But I had a wall cooler in my room there and it’d literally be 50 degrees in my room. I loved it. Okay anyway… how did this post get so long. This is the 2nd time I’ve done this today, the other time on my personal blog.I’ll leave on this last note(s)…. I’m lounging around in running shorts and the underwear part of them is squeezing my buns and it’s weird. Am I supposed to wear underwear with these? I am, in cause you were wondering. I’m going to finally get around to editing my smoothie photos now. Tomorrow I am officially on my moms car insurance stuff so I can drive the car to the gym. So now I can return to looking like a weak lost fool in there. read more..

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