Sunday, 29 July 2012

Yoga For Beginners

how did you initialy lost all that weight? (i saw a 'before' picture/post) just eating right and doing yoga or.. what? :)

Mostly because it’s in my metabolism, to be honest. That photo was taken when I was in 10th grade so that’s a little under 4 years ago or so. I lost the 11 lbs total over a span of time before I was a healthy eater and I hardly did Yoga back then. I started eating healthy about a year ago, actually. Here’s the whole story on how I lost weight, all unintentionally.I lived with my dad on weekdays and mom on weekends and my dads’ house was, and still is, always stocked up on junk and that’s all I ate. I had frozen pizzas and hot pockets for midnight snacks, and drank tons of juice boxes, and literally all I ate on Sundays was fast food and junk from the gas station. After moving out of my dads’ house and fully into my moms’, I still ate the same but I ate less and I lost 5 pounds. Then over a year ago when I was dealing with my stomach problems from January-or -so to the beginning of July, I was eating a lot less junk and I brought my own food to school sometimes, and then in July I saw an urgent care doctor who told me to go gluten and dairy free and I had no idea what to do, and I was in my less-hungry phase (I hope you all understand what I’m talking about when I say that haha) and I pretty much only ate salad for a week and that was just really bad and I accidentally lost 6 pounds. I’m not sure when I’d lost it, if it was over the months or because I was told not to eat all the stuff I was used to, but that’s how I lost it all.But if you are aiming to lose weight, then yes, that’s how you want to do it. Eating right and exercise! (: I have a health for beginners page, and a yoga for beginners page (both that probably need updating but I’m too lazy to work on it) in the FAQ link if you need a bit of help (: read more..

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