Friday, 4 May 2012

Transportation Committee Chair-Physical Activity-City Of Ottawa-Residents

The City of Ottawa has two campaigns this month that will...

The City of Ottawa has two campaigns this month that will encourage people to put their bodies to work, including cycling and walking to their workplace. The month of May is both Bike to Work and Physical Activity Month.“Walking and cycling are great ways to get around our city that also benefit your health and the environment at the same time,” said Mayor Jim Watson. “Ottawa is committed to providing the pathways and cycling lanes needed to promote active transportation and with the price of gas, people can save money while getting more physically fit.”The City’s Planning and Infrastructure Department, Ottawa Public Health (OPH), and EnviroCentre are working together to get residents to cycle to work and take up other forms of exercise, like walking, to become physically active.“Bike to Work Month focuses on encouraging residents to try cycling as a clean and healthy choice to commute to work,” said Councillor Marianne Wilkinson, Transportation Committee Chair. “We encourage workplaces across the city to sign up and get their colleagues to discover cycling. We are pleased so many businesses and organizations have supported and accommodated cyclists by providing such amenities as showers, change rooms and bike racks.”Bike to Work Month includes various activities throughout May, including an online pledge at where participants input their commuter cycling distances travelled to learn how much money they saved and how healthy activities contributed to cleaning the air. All registrants will be automatically eligible to win many prizes, including a new bike.“Cycling and walking are great forms of transportation and activities to ensure you are exercising every day,” said Councillor Diane Holmes, Chair of the Board of Health. “May is Physical Activity Month and we encourage residents to leave their cars at home and bike or walk to work – it’s a great way to integrate physical activity into your daily routine.”One of the key objectives in OPH’s Healthy Eating and Active Living Strategy is to increase active transportation and walking. Research has shown that adults who get 150 minutes of moderate-vigorous physical activity per week reduce their risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and certain types of cancers, such as breast and colon cancer. Residents can find tips for getting active at more information, call 3-1-1 or visit or read more..

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