Sunday, 26 February 2012

Back Pain

hey! I just had a question about back pain.. I tried yoga for the first time on Sunday and after class I had minor back pain and then the next day my back REALLY hurt. Is there something im doing wrong or is it just because I am a beginner? and do you reccomend me to stop? and last but not least I get tail bone pain too. thanks so much! :)

Hello! If it was a sore, over stretched kind of pain then you probably went further than your body was fully capable of. That’s happened to me before. If you have or have had back problems in the past, that could be the cause and you should take it more lightly and slow. You might be doing a few poses wrong, but I’ve never experienced back pain from doing a pose incorrectly. I looked it up and saw a few links that talked about back pain from forward bend, then I read Back pain after Yoga on Livestrong and it says the same thing there. So, that might be your problem. I suggest talking with the instructor about the pain and maybe asking them to watch you do the forward bend or any other poses that might cause that. Especially if they don’t walk around during the class helping people do the pose correctly. (: read more..

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