Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Gym Membership

Earlier today I went into a local gym...

To see if the manager was there and had read my application that I turned in the other week and noticed 99% of the people in there were all doing cardio. Treadmills, bikes, whatever else was in there. Then I looked over at the weights areas and didn’t see anyone. I don’t have a Gym Membership and have never even been to a real gym, but I pictured how weird it’d look, me being the little tiny girl pumping iron while everyone else is running. It made me giggle a little on the inside. How cute that’d be.     I missed class today to… go do a job thing which was a one time thing so I made up my lost work out at home for maybe about 40 minutes. I usually feel less motivated to do a lot when I’m at home, but I did the first half in my ugly backyard in the 65 degree warm winter weather, then went inside to finish when my neighbors dogs came out to bark at me. I started with jump rope, did a few workouts like push ups and bicycle crunches, lunges, then back to jump rope, and did that a few times between my other workouts. Did some more work with weights and tried to get in a lot more core workouts since I’ve been neglecting my abs and paying more attention to the little bumps forming on my arms. I tried doing a little bit of yoga but I didn’t feel like it so I did one Sun Salutation, a mix of a and b, with the warrior and without the seated position in b. Then stretched my legs, did camel, and drank the last half of my odwalla mango protein drink. Then I had an accident with my 2 day old expired (which I knew) vanilla chai drink and now I hope I don’t get sick from it (because I freak out over this stuff.)      Just thought I’d share. I don’t know why. Now going to clean up and stuff my face with food and shower in no particular order (but I’ll probably clean first). read more..

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