Monday, 27 February 2012

Training Schedule

Commitment Brings Dedicated Action

A lack of commitment with anything brings inaction and in most cases failure.  It would stand to reason that the opposite would be true as well, and time and time again I have proven it to be.  The problem comes with varying degrees of commitment, which lead to varying degrees of success.When it comes to running I so often find my self wavering, easily swayed, and in some cases lazy if I don’t have a goal or specific race on the horizon.  That lack of goals and specific races was one of the factors in my less than stellar recent months.  It is easy to skip a run when you don’t have a specific schedule, and it is easy to neglect having a schedule if you don’t have a race and goal which you have committed to.Commitment Brings Dedicated ActionWith my recent commitment to the Atlanta 13.1 Marathon I have found my running and dedication is finally starting to make the change in direction that it has needed for so long.  I would like to say that once I signed up I was immediately adhering to a strict running schedule and that my running mojo was once again in full force, but I am still lacking one piece – the commitment to a training schedule.This weekend I will be committing to that training schedule as well.  It won’t be too aggressive considering where I am now, but the key will be commitment so I can benefit from the dedicated action.Speaking of the 13.1 Atlanta, today is your last chance to enter to win a race entry.  The 13.1 Atlanta race entry giveaway ends tonight and the odds are really good.  Don’t forget to share the giveaway for even more chances to run the race courtesy of US Road Sports. Time to update your feed reader to something that says 26.2 Quest even more - read more..

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