Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Healthy Eating-Food Journal-Ibs

After reading your personal page and doing my own research, I think I may have IBS. Has healthy eating and exercise completey gotten rid of it?

I’ve discussed IBS with a follower of mine and how to deal with it, so if you’re interested you can come off of anon and we can talk about that. However, no. There is no way to rid of it because there is no known cure or exact known cause for it, but doctors lean more towards stress being the cause, which also triggers bouts of problems (for me, anyway). A healthy lifestyle has helped it tremendously though. I still get problems but they’re not as severe as they were back when I ate nothing but crap (a year ago, less). Trigger foods will vary from person to person.My first recommendation is starting a food journal, like I described in my page. This will help you to figure out what foods are hurting you, which ones help you, etc. If you see a doctor, they will talk about the problems (this is where the food journal is also very useful), do a blood test, and they will first see if you test positive for celiac disease and maybe a few others things. Though, since there is no known cause or cure, there’s no way to know for sure, like through a test. That will just cross things out as to what it’s not. I’m sure I’ve said too much since this was not the question. Just trying to be helpful haha (: read more..

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