Thursday, 1 March 2012

Amount Of Calories-Deprivation Diet-Side Effects

hii!:) i was wondering what you know about the ABC diet. i wanted to try it but im not sure:/

Hi! That’s a deprivation Diet. You are seriously depriving your body of a major amount of calories by eating from 100-500 a day , and some days you completely fast. After the 7-8 weeks of doing that, you slowly get back into normal eating habits and you gain weight because your metabolism slowed down from going into starvation mode. Not to mention it causes Side Effects such as depression. I don’t get how anyone could do that. I eat more than 500 calories for a meal, and that’s just one sandwich. If you are wanting to lose weight, your best bet is to eat healthy and exercise. Don’t eat under 1,300 calories a day but the amount that you will need depends on your height, weight, and exercise level. Do some cardio and do weight resistance. Just remember, there are no quick fixes. A ‘diet’ is not an effective way to lose weight, keep it off, and look great. If you want any more help with weight loss, just ask. I can figure out some stuff for you (: read more..

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