Monday, 2 January 2012

Stress Reduction-Stress Relievers-Immune System-Common Colds-Tai Chi

Is stress reduction on your to-do list for 2012? We tested the top stress-bustin...

Is stress reduction on your to-do list for 2012? We tested the top stress-busting gadgets to reveal which ones really work. What works for you?Which Stress-Busting Gadgets Really Work? test: Will a Shiatsu pillow ease tension? Could a lumbar extender fix that knot in your back? We tested five stress relievers to find out what does the trick. read more..

Boost your immune system with this no-sweat workout:

Boost your immune system with this no-sweat workout:Boost Your Immune System Naturally with Tai Chi - Prevention.com Tai Chi workout is a natural health remedy for boosting immunity and avoiding common colds. Try this 20-minute no-sweat routine. read more..


Simon Greenwhich said...
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Simon Greenwhich said...

It is important to make our body healthier all the time to prevent illnesses. Stress is the number 1 factor that affects our well being. It is good to do relaxation techniques to relive our body from stresses. One of the best ways is Tai Chi. It's a good exercise that promotes healthy blood circulation.


Emily said...

Stress can make our body react extremely bad. It can give us different kinds of diseases and illnesses. It is important to stay away from stress and the best way to do it is through relaxation techniques. A simple breathing in and breathing out can help you relax giving you a very calming feeling. Tai Chi on the other hand can be practiced to promote blood circulation all throughout your body systems. 4rx

Sharon said...

Stress is a catalyst that triggers weak immune system to respond to external stimuli. If an individual has a weaker immune system, stress can make the immune system even weaker giving a body illnesses like flu and headache. It is important to make your body strong and healthy. A daily exercise can help as well. Taichi is one of the most effective exercises that relieve stress.

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Anita said...

It is important to free yourselves from stress to prevent illnesses like flu that may give cough, headache, colds and sore throat. It is important to immediately cure these symptoms to prevent worsening of the condition. You can always use some sore throat remedies like strepsils and antibiotics to prevent further damage to the respiratory system. On the other hand, exercise like Tai-Chi helps in maintaining the balance in the body.

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