Saturday, 21 April 2012

Strength Training-Circuit Training-Finish Line

riiaeatsright:Originally from The GreatistSometimes I find...

riiaeatsright:Originally from The GreatistSometimes I find myself cheating out my workout when it comes to the end, so when I saw this article, I knew I had to share it with you! So check out this list of 23 Ways To Push Through A Tough Workout:
1. Who’s really getting cheated?Sure, no one else would know about skipping out on the last Chatarunga. But only one person loses in that situation (hint: it’s not the super-ripped chick sweating it out on the next mat).2. Change pace.Circuit training, a killer combination of cardio and strength training, can help break the monotony of a long workout. Run five minutes, then drop and do some push-ups. Wash, rinse, repeat.3. Picture this.Visualize cheering fans or crossing the finish line to bang out one more set or lap. Or just go mental: Imagine this workout is the equivalent of the Olympic trials (no big deal).4. Grab a pal. Work out with a fit pal who will hold you to a higher standard. Stuck going solo today? Imagine they’re still there. After all, who wants to wuss out in front of an audience?5. Break it down.Set mini-goals when the going gets tough. This isn’t a three-mile run— just six measly half-mile runs.6. Savor the pain.“Pain is weakness leaving the body,” the saying goes. Pain is also proof that this workout is tough. Clearly you’re doing something right, so why stop now? (Just know when pain is signaling something more serious.)7. Compete.Whether comparing against the dude on the next treadmill over or your own time last training session, competition ups the ante and helps us forget about wanting to quit.8. Remember the end.That post-workout high? Yeah, almost there. The struggle of that final set won’t last— and when the workout’s over, it’ll be replaced by a much better feeling: pride.Read the rest at The Greatist! read more..

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