Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Cottage Cheese-Black Beans-Pasta Sauce-Ww Pancakes-Brown Rice

Can you give me some ideas on what to make, I'm running short on healthy groceries :/ I have: 1 zucchini, bananas, 3 oats "ww pancakes, cottage cheese, skim milk, black beans, brown rice, carrots, ww pasta. oh and I also have some minced beef my mom made, but I'm not sure beef is healthy.

Hmm… You could make something with the zucchini, black beans, brown rice, and Carrots. Sort of mix it all together or make the beans and rice, then maybe slice and steam the carrots and zucchini together. That’d all make a good dish. Or make a few Pancakes with a side of Bananas and cottage cheese. Beef isn’t the healthiest and it’s not a lean meat, but if you wanted to have some, a small portion with the first meal would be fine. If you have pasta sauce, you could make pasta with the veggie and meat on top. read more..

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