Sunday, 5 August 2012


hey :) i have read that you have struggled with ibs, and i have too well i still am and it is awful :( what are the choices you made to change because the doctors are no help - i guess they dont really know what to do.... hope you can help me :) thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello! I would be glad to help. Sorry it’s taken a bit for me to get to this. After I first read this after you sent it (then I lost internet for a week), I had plans of starting a whole page dedicated to IBS and helping others with it. So keep a look out for that. I hope to get it up soon but I don’t want to spend a massive amount of time online like I used to. The first thing I did was start a food journal. Writing my meals down (and I wrote the time) and writing any problems I had after the meal help me to figure out what things caused me any pain or problems. Then I eliminated those things, for the most part. I’m also lactose intolerant so I had a lot of problems with dairy before I knew I was allergic to it. Don’t eat too much during meals, don’t eat a lot of ‘heavy’ foods during the morning and afternoon (I have my heavier meals during dinner), get plenty of fiber, avoid processed and junk foods, avoid carbonated drinks and I think caffeine, too. I drink tea, but coffee gives me problems as well. And definitely exercise. Exercise, especially core exercises, helped keep me regulated and keep the bloating down. Ibs effects us all differently so the foods I have problems with, you might not have such problems with. It takes time to figure it all out, but you get a closer hang of it. It’s definitely a struggle though. I also started taking probiotics, though I sometimes forget to, and they seem to help a bit. Also, I recommend not eating meat. As far as digestion goes, not eating meat helps with it a lot. A lot of people who stop eating meat say they don’t feel as constipated and they feel better in general. I hope this helps! read more..

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