Saturday, 18 August 2012


deidreelliott:Click the photo to see it bigger/clearer.     I...

deidreelliott:Click the photo to see it bigger/clearer.     I woke up to another summer storm today, and sat out front in my sweater with some tea while I watched it rain. My friend and I had planned another hike in Forest Falls for today and it was the perfect weather to do so. There were apparently flash flood warnings up there, the roads were closed, and 4 people had to be rescued and I had no knowledge of any of that until both my mom and step mom called while I was there so things had calmed down since then.     We went to the waterfall area to see how the pool area looked. I sat on a log going across the running water and my friend went to step into the water thinking it was maybe knee high and he disappeared. He’s 6 feet tall. It was THAT deep. Funniest moment of my life (so funny my abs were hurting as I typed this). Had to take a clif bar break to laugh about it. Then we decided to hike up to the bigger part of the waterfall. There was a family up there so we stopped a bit down to rest and look at the scenery. I looked up at the side of the mountain and saw a small tree branch tumble down along with a few small rocks. I thought nothing of it until I looked up and a girl was screaming and flailing her arms around. That was certainly sad. Then we went to pick wild blackberries and some were covered in sap so my mouth tasted disgusting.     Was quite an eventful and adventurous day doing one of my favorite things ever. Hiking in the rainy weather is the absolute best. The air isn’t so hot, the rain feels nice, and everything smells so much more of nature when it’s wet. This was my day. Been hiking more often. So happy about it. read more..

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